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Random "A teacher can set focus and search using the input are with a keyboard" behat failure


      This failure started on this build. It appears to be caused by a delay in updating the DOM. When Behat proceeds to the next step, it encounters the "View all results (5)" element, which has already been replaced in the DOM.

      The root cause seems to be the template search area JavaScript, which doesn't use "pendingjs" anywhere. As a result, Behat sets a value but doesn't wait for the change to complete.

      We suspect that the changes in MDL-78316 may have made the entire template system slightly more efficient, potentially exposing this problem. To resolve it, we should remove all "waits" in that scenario, and the test should then pass.

      Failed builds

      Console output

      001 Scenario: A teacher can set focus and search using the input are with a keyboard # /var/www/html/grade/report/grader/tests/behat/tertiary_navigation_searching.feature:240
            And I press the tab key                                                        # /var/www/html/grade/report/grader/tests/behat/tertiary_navigation_searching.feature:279
              element not interactable
                (Session info: headless chrome=96.0.4664.45) (Facebook\WebDriver\Exception\ElementNotInteractableException)

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