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Timeline doesn't show assignments for which a student has an extension



      When a student is given an extension for an assignment whose due date has past, it would be helpful if the extension date could be taken into consideration when displaying items on the dashboard timeline (ie so that the assignment appears on the timeline once again under eg "next 7 days" category). At the moment, assignment areas with an extension applied are not displayed there, even though the student can submit work.

      Steps to reproduce -

      • set up an assignment area with a due date/cut-off date set in the past (eg two days ago)
      • grant a student an extension with a date in the future (eg three days from today)

      Expected result - the assignment area will appear in the student's timeline again, reminding them to submit some work and providing them with a helpful direct link to the assignment area

      Actual result - the assignment area does not appear on the timeline

      I understand that the timeline drop-down menu does say "due date - next 7 days", so it is operating strictly as expected from the Moodle point of view (the due date (as defined by the assigment settings) has indeed passed), but from the student's perspective, the work isn't due for another few days and they would therefore expect to see it in their timeline.

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