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Authentication: MFA - Guide page bugs


      Some issues found in the guide page should be fixed. 
      If the guide page is enabled in "General MFA settings" and the user gets the message of "Unable to authenticate" a box is displayed below the log out button. The link of the "MFA user guide" takes the user to a new page <wwwroot>/admin/tool/mfa/guide.php where the user can see some information  from "Guidance page content"  (in the General MFA settings)
      This page needs to be review. 
      1- A warning is display (Note: The message is hidden behind the top navigation)

      Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$tool_mfa_authenticated in /var/www/html/moodles/mfa_dev/moodle/admin/tool/mfa/guide.php on line 40 

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      2- If the user is not login, the top navigation and the secondary menu should not be display. 
      Note: if the user clicks on any of the links from the menus it will redirect him to an error page or the previous page (Unable to authenticate)
      I've created a video for this in case is not clear. 

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