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Update Communication/Matrix language strings to latest approved copy



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    • Team Hedgehog 2023 Sprint 3.2, Team Hedgehog 2023 Sprint 3.3


      A UX review was undertaken on strings introduced during the Communication/Matrix work and some improvements have been suggested and discussed. Below is the final list of changes which we need to make relating to the communication subsysytem and matrix provider:


      String name New string text Notes (explanation / other related changes)
      enablecommunicationsubsystem Enable communication providers
      • Replaces reference to "subsystem" with "providers", for naming consistency and to remove dev terminology.
      enablecommunicationsubsystem_desc Allow integration with communication providers such as Matrix so teachers and students can communicate more easily. You can manage these integrations in Plugins.
      • The word "Plugins" needs to be hyperlinked to the communications plugins page.
      coursecommunication_desc The default communication service for new courses. Existing courses will not have any provider selected by default.
      • Updated wording.
      communicationroomready Your {$a} room is ready.
      • Remove the exclamation mark and replace it with a full stop.
      matrixuserid_desc Delete this string and references to it.
      • Description not needed, does not provide any more info than the field name.
      matrixhomeserverurl Homeserver URL
      • Change Homeserver to one word, consistent with how Matrix use it
      matrixaccesstoken_desc Access token for the account which will perform actions on the homeserver.
      • Polishing to clarify token usage.
      matrixelementurl_desc Delete this string and references to it.
      • Description not needed, name of the field is self-explanatory.
      privacy:metadata The Matrix communication plugin does not store any personal data.
      • Add "The" to the beginning of the existing string for consistency.
      communicationroomname_help If the field is left blank, the course name is used as the room name.
      • This is also currently buried in the help popover, with this simplified version we should move it out to be visible on the page (check MDL-78619 for how this was achieved for customlinkurlinfo, it's the same format).
      • The string name will also need to be updated to communicationroomnameinfo since it won't be in the help popover.
      seleccommunicationprovider Provider
      • "Provider" is more consistent wording than "service", and we don't need to mention "communication", because it's in the heading of the page.
      • There is also a missing 't' typo in the string name which we need to fix, it should be selectcommunicationprovider.
      seleccommunicationprovider_help (No changes to string)
      • Same typo needs fixing as above, the string name should be selectcommunicationprovider_help

      Be sure to check for any uses of the strings in behat tests that may need updating, also the couple of string name changes will need to be updated wherever they're referenced in the code as well.

      Out of scope

      1. Any changes to reflect the differences where groups mode is enabled/disabled. For example, this could technically mean rooms (plural) are created instead of rooms (singular), and that 'room name' is actually used for the space name. These increase explanation complexity, and the subtleties should be intuitive/clear enough for a teacher as soon as they visit their Matrix client. We can always revisit with a follow up in future if evidence/user feedback indicates updates/clarifications are necessary.
      2. Changes to referencing room(s) to support other nomenclature (eg Slack "channels"). This is non-trivial and will be investigated as a separate piece of work if/when the need arises.




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