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Manual completion of activity does not affect navigation items of dependent activities



      When completing an activity by clicking the button "mark as done" following activities with restricted access ("Previous activity with completion") are not accessible via the menu on the left. The menu items of following activities with restricted access remain locked until a page reload take place. This is irritating and requires additional clicks to access following activities.

      The behavior was found in the "boost" theme.

      How to reproduce:

      • Create two activities of type "page"
      • In first activity set "Activity completion" to "Students can manually mark the activity as completed"
      • In second activity set "Access restriction" to "Previous activity with completion"
      • Switch to student role
      • Click the first activity to open it
      • Click the button "mark as done" within the activity
      • In the menu on the left side the status of the current activity switches to "green" but the second activity remains locked
      • Clicking the locked menu item of the second activity reloads the page
      • Now the menu item is unlocked but the coursepage has been loaded not the activity page
      • Now the second second activity is accessible by a another click



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