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TinyMCE - Behat test when writing to TinyMCE editor with hidden label fails as element not interactable


      Some of our Behat tests fail when writing into the TinyMCE editor on the Preview page where the associated editor labels are hidden.

      And this works fine with Atto editor.

      Please find below the Behat steps I followed to reproduce this error for the Essay question type:

      I have edited the existing scenario 'Preview an Essay question that uses the HTML editor with embedded files.' from 'Feature: Preview Essay questions' and have added the highlighted steps.


      Scenario: Preview an Essay question that uses the HTML editor with embedded files.
      When I am on the "essay-002" "core_question > preview" page logged in as teacher
      And I expand all fieldsets

      And I set the following fields to these values:
      | Answer text Question 1 | <p>The <b>cat</b> sat on the mat. Then it ate a <b>frog</b>.</p> |

      And I press "Submit and finish"


      When this Behat test is run, it fails with the following error when we try to add value to 'Answer text Question 1' field.

      element not interactable
        (Session info: chrome=116.0.5845.97)

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