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Message on the login page for a suspended account

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    • 4.2.2
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      A user who has been suspended from their moodle site and has not been notified will certainly try to log in. As their account has been suspended, they will not be able to connect and the error message displayed will be "invalidlogin".

      I suggest to customise the message by specifying that his account has been suspended and that he should contact an administrator to find out why.
      To do this, is it possible to create a new string (exemple : "suspendedlogin") in the language file and modify the code of the file /login/index.php by adding :

      if ($errorcode == AUTH_LOGIN_SUSPENDED)

      {                 $errormsg = get_string("suspendedlogin");  }

      Look at : https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=448835#p1803888

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