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Problem updating moodle 3.11 to 4.2.2 error in php, service provider recommends I send them the problem information with a Script related to the website



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    • 4.2.2
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      conversation with the site's hosting provider


      I modified some domain settings to resolve the error. Also, I have noticed that there is some issue with the script related to the website. Can you check the bug with the developer and try to update it?



      [29-ago-2023 09:52:26 América/Ciudad_de_Mexico] Error fatal de PHP: La declaración de repository_mycoursesfiles::get_listing($encodedpath = '') debe ser compatible con repository::get_listing($path = '', $page = '') en /home/clacdico/public_html/focdm.org/cmj/online-college/repository/mycoursesfiles/lib.php en la línea 44



      [29-ago-2023 10:16:20 América/Ciudad_de_México] Aviso de PHP: Se ha cambiado el nombre de la clase 'format_base' para el cargador automático y ahora está obsoleta. Utilice 'core_courseformat\base' en su lugar.<ul style="text-align: left" data-rel="backtrace"><li>línea 150 de /lib/classes/component.php: llamada a depuración()</ li><li>línea 43 de /course/format/tiles/lib.php: llamada a core_component::classloader()</li><li>línea 913 de /lib/classes/component.php: llamada a include_once( )</li><li>línea 7911 de /lib/moodlelib.php: llamada a core_component::get_plugin_list_with_file()</li><li>línea 841 de /lib/setup.php: llamada a get_plugins_with_function()</ li><li>línea 28 de /config.php: llamada a require_once()</li><li>línea 94 de /admin/index.php:




      I share that I am not an expert, I have some basic knowledge and I am responsible for the update and support, and I have done my best, I need help



      English translation of errors:


      Fatal PHP error: The declaration of repository_mycoursesfiles::get_listing($encodedpath = '') must be compatible with repository::get_listing($path = '', $page = '') in /home/clacdico/public_html/focdm.org/cmj/online-college/repository/mycoursesfiles/lib.php on line 44.

      PHP warning: The 'format_base' class for the autoloader has been renamed and is now deprecated.

      PHP Advisory: The 'format_base' class name for the autoloader has been changed and is now deprecated. Use 'core_courseformatbase' instead.
      line 150 of /lib/classes/component.php: call to debug()
      line 43 of /course/format/tiles/lib.php: call to core_component::classloader()
      line 913 of /lib/classes/component.php: call to include_once( )
      line 7911 of /lib/moodlelib.php: call to core_component::get_plugin_list_with_file()
      line 841 of /lib/setup.php: call to get_plugins_with_function()
      line 28 of /config.php: call to require_once()
      line 94 of /admin/index.php:






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