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Behat test to confirm that activity/resource deletion works correctly (Automate MDLQA-1569)


      QA test to be automated: MDLQA-1569

      Testing instructions

      This test requires a course containing at least one label and at least one activity.

      1. Log in as teacher, go to the course page then turn editing on.
      2. Attempt to delete a label.
      3. Check that the popup asks to confirm deletion 'Are you sure you want to delete this Label?'
      4. Choose OK and confirm that the label is no longer present.
      5. Attempt to delete an activity and confirm that the popup asks to confirm deletion, specifying the activity name e.g. 'Are you sure you want to delete the Glossary "Course Glossary"?'
      6. Choose OK and confirm that the activity is no longer present.
      7. Refresh the page and confirm that your changes are preserved.

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