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The URL resource embedded iframe must have an accessible name


      Noticed because I just reviewed MDL-79250, and worked on MDL-78895 in related area of URL activity

      The iframe when a URL activity is set to display embedded lack an accessible name. This fails WCAG 2.1 Level A success criteria 2.4.1: Bypass Blocks and 4.1.2: Name, Role, Value.

      Here's the actual error reported by axe DevTools:

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      Ensures <iframe> and <frame> elements have an accessible name
      more information Link opens in a new window
      Element Location:
      <iframe id="resourceobject" src="http://moodle.internal/master/user/profile.php" style="width: 1787px; height: 400px;">
          Click on <a href="http://moodle.internal/master/user/profile.php">Embedded URL</a> to open the resource.
      To solve this problem, you need to fix at least (1) of the following:
          Element has no title attribute
          aria-label attribute does not exist or is empty
          aria-labelledby attribute does not exist, references elements that do not exist or references elements that are empty
          Element's default semantics were not overridden with role="none" or role="presentation"

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