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Behat failures on "Teacher can hide an activity using the actions menu" after MDL-78955


    • HQ 2023 Sprint I3.3 Moppies

      We just noticed that a Behat failure on "Teacher can hide an activity using the actions menu" scenario, probably a regression from MDL-78955.

      Please note that this failure seems to be browser specific, it only happened on Chrome browser. Bisecting points to this commit:

      commit 4dcac269be0b829277f4ad1ebaf23cc9529009b1
      Author: Ferran Recio <ferran@moodle.com>
      Date:   Fri Aug 18 15:51:35 2023 +0200
          MDL-78955 lib: fix choice list styling

      This scenario is failing almost consistently, in some runs the test passes: https://ci.moodle.org/view/Testing/job/DEV.01%20-%20Developer-requested%20Behat/42387/
      And launching the same build, on FF it passes completely: https://ci.moodle.org/view/Testing/job/DEV.01%20-%20Developer-requested%20Behat/42388/
      So indeed, it's a Chrome specific issue.

      Console output

      Note that sometimes it shows one failure, sometimes it shows a different failure, these are the ones I have seen:

      001 Scenario: Teacher can hide an activity using the actions menu.                                                  # /var/www/html/course/format/tests/behat/activity_visibility.feature:27
            Then I should see "Hidden from students" in the "Activity sample 1" "core_courseformat > Activity visibility" # /var/www/html/course/format/tests/behat/activity_visibility.feature:31
              Core_courseformat > Activity visibility matching locator "Activity sample 1" not found. (Behat\Mink\Exception\ElementNotFoundException)
      002 Scenario: Teacher can hide an activity using the actions menu.              # /var/www/html/course/format/tests/behat/activity_visibility.feature:27
            And I choose "Availability > Hide on course page" in the open action menu # /var/www/html/course/format/tests/behat/activity_visibility.feature:30
              element click intercepted: Element <a class="stretched-link text-wrap font-weight-bold   text-dark     " role="option" aria-describedby="choice_option_650d038c2cc19105" data-value="hide" href="http://webserver/course/mod.php?sesskey=4JAI9mnOar&amp;hide=339000&amp;sr=0" data-id="339000" data-action="cmHide">...</a> is not clickable at point (72, 8). Other element would receive the click: <div class="card-body p-3">...</div>
                (Session info: chrome=94.0.4606.61) (Facebook\WebDriver\Exception\ElementClickInterceptedException)


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