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Submission with semi-colon in filename cannot be removed or edited (error/filereferenceproblem)


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    • 3.9.23, 4.1.3
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      Assignment submissions with file names containing semi-colon character breaks the file reference parth resulting in inability to remove the file or edit the filename (v3.11, 4.1x). Further, attempting to remove the submission results in no longer being able to revert the submission to draft (tested in v4.1x). The only workaround is to allow another attempt.

      to reproduce

      • create an assignment with a test submission that contains a file where the filename contains a semi-colon 
      • attempt to edit this submission to rename the file
        • Expected: should be able to rename the file
        • Actual: returns an error and file not editable
      • attempt to remove the submission 
        • Expected: should be able to remove the file
        • Actual: returns an error and file not removed
      • Error is returned regardless of whether attempt to edit or remove is done from staff-facing or student-facing.

      Can Moodle at refuse to accept a file where the filename includes problem characters, enforcing only normal alphanumeric characters, spaces, hypens and underscores and no other special characters, with an appropriate popup alert to remid the user to remove such characters from the filename?

      I believe there are/have been issues with cleaning up special characters from exported file names. Enforcing only an allowed safe character set should address this issue as well.

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