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TinyMCE: Draft was not cleared after closing modal


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    • 4.1.6, 4.2.3, 4.3
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      The Tiny draft was not cleared after closing the modal.
      Steps to replicate:
      Create a new event with the following:

      1. Title: Event 1
      2. Description: This is draft 1
      3. Edit the event. Change the description to "This is draft 1 (edited)"
      4. Wait until the console.log said "tiny_autosave/id_description: Saving draft"
      5. Close the popup. Do not Save
      6. Click the New Event button
      7. Click Show more
      8. Verify the TinyMCE's content

      Expected: The content is empty
      Actual: TinyMCE still loads the previous content: This is draft 1 (edited)


      It can also be reproduced in other cases, like creating a glossary, adding an entry without saving it and then, in a new tab, creating another glossary entry.

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