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Behat test to confirm that site, personal and course notes are reported by the Report Builder (Automate MDLQA-17374)



      QA test to be automated: MDLQA-17374

      Testing instructions

      This test requires admin access to the site.


      1. Log in as admin
      2. Create a new user
      3. Create a course
      4. Enrol user in course as student
      5. Click on users name in participants list to view course profile
      6. Press Miscellaneous > Notes
      7. Add a new course note for the user
        • Fill in Content field
        • Context: course
      8. Add a new personal note for the user
        • Fill in Content field
        • Context: personal

      Create report

      1. Navigate to Reports in user menu
      2. Create new report from Notes report source
        • Include default setup
      3. Confirm the following columns are present and correct for each note:
        • Recipient full name
        • Context
        • Course full name
        • Content
      4. Add Author > Full name column
      5. Confirm column shows the name of the note author
      6. Open report conditions
      7. Set Recipient > Full name condition:
        • Does not contain: [First name of test user]
        • Apply
      8. Confirm report shows Nothing to display
      9. Change condition to Contains and apply
      10. Confirm report shows test user notes
      11. Set Course > Course full name condition:
        • Is equal to: [Name of course]
        • Apply
      12. Confirm report shows only the course note from that course
      13. Add Author > Full name condition
        • Does not contain: Admin
        • Apply
      14. Confirm report shows Nothing to display
      15. Change condition to Contains and apply
      16. Confirm report shows only the course note authored by admin

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