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Rubric saving leads to loss of data





      1. Create an assignment, use rubric grading
      2. Create rubric
      3. Start grading a student (Sam Student)
      4. Fill in the textual feedback per criterium but don't check one of the rubric fields (purposely forget one field)
      5. Fill in the textual overall feedback
      6. Click save
      7. There will be an error which is badly visible and designed. The error text in red is being placed in front of the rubric description (see screenshot 1)
      8. Press 'back' in the browser. Normally, when a filled in form has not been saved, there will be a message from the browser warning you that if you leave the page, you will loose the data. This time there's no message. Somehow the browser 'thinks' the textual feedback is actually saved (but it is not).
      9. You are now back in the screen of the assignment. Press 'grade' again. You will come back to grading screen for Sam Student, but all the textual feedback has been lost.

      Practical example:

      Teachers sometimes forget to check one Rubric criterium. The error message is weirdly placed, some red text directly before the rubric description (which can be an large text).

      The teacher misses the error message. Thinks the feedback has been saved. Presses the 'back' button and doesn't get the normal warning that his data will be lost. Besides, he pressed the save button before and thinks that at least the textual feedback was saved.



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