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Create a dropdown form field for advanced options


    • HQ 2023 Sprint I4.1 Moppies

      Moodle 4.3 introduces a new generic dropdown status component. The behaviour is similar to a form select input but it allow to add extra information like:

      • A general description
      • An icon on each option
      • An additional description on each option.

      An example that could be implemented in future issues

      This is the current help information about the groupmode:

      Especially in select input fields, the "?" icon text provides long texts describing all possible values combined with the general field meaning. Those long texts are one big pain point for new teachers who feel overwhelmed before opening the selector. Apart, the help tooltip will disappear when the user clicks on the select, which means the user needs to memorize the meaning of each value.

      Using the choicedropdown field could be simplified to something like:

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