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Create a mod_subsection skell to test delegated sections.


    • HQ 2023 Sprint I4.2 Moppies

      This issue is part of the course hierarchy project (also known as "long-term").

      The goal of this task is to create a sub plugin called mod_subsection so it can be used during the projects.

      The goals are:

      • The phase 2 of the project will introduce delegated sections. This new section type will depend on a plugin to work, but no plugin will be added to the core yet. The plugin created in this task can be used in the testing instructions so the Phase 2 issues can be integrated into the core.
      • The plugin will be kept updated with all the delegated section integrations appearing as part of the project.
      • In phase 3, this plugin will be used as a base for the real mod_subsection added to the core. This will be the first plugin to use delegated sections.

      What needs to be done:

      • The plugin will be mod_subsection
      • Create a base plugin. The plugin will be an essential hello world activity.
      • The plugin must be hosted in a GitHub public repository so all devs in the project can do pull requests when new delegated sections appear.
      • The plugin must have backup and restore because this is an essential integration.
      • Internally, it must follow the conventions introduced in all new core activities. For example, it must have a "mod_subsection\manager" class similar to the one in mod_data.

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