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      When using a text editor that allows the integration of text, code, and formulas through markup language, it should offer a preview function. This preview should be accessible before posting, allowing users to correct mistakes. Examples of platforms that implement this feature include GitHub and StackOverflow.

      Unfortunately, the editor I am currently using for this post and the one in our university's Moodle installation lack this functionality. While I am aware that certain Moodle plugins might offer what I am looking for, as a regular Moodle user, I have to work with the available installation.

      I propose the following solutions:

      • Ensure there is a default editor for forum posts that includes a preview feature, as many universities and schools would benefit from this.
      • Make an editor with preview functionality the default option.
      • Alternatively, configure the default editor to support only WYSIWYG without any markup. It's better to have fewer features than poorly supported ones.
      • Consider declaring any editor plugin that provides markup without a preview as 'deprecated' to encourage the use of more user-friendly alternatives.

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