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Rubric levels need sort order!


      1. Go to an assignment
      2. Use advanced grading
      3. Select rubric
      4. Create the following setup
      5. Four criteria, each having the following levels: bad - insufficient - ok - good - excellent
      6. Make sure all criteria levels score 0 points
      7. Create a fifth criterium with a level score 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
      8. SAVE rubric and make it ready


      Your rubric should look something like the screenshot 1

      Now the following problem has happened: the levels bad - insufficient - ok - good - excellent all score 0 points. The order in which they populate your rubric is unknown (probably ordered by creation date ?)

      We noticed the following: upon updating your database software (for example MySQL) your rubric gets scrambled. The order of the rubric will now look like screenshot number 2.

      I have tried to find a sort-order for the rubric levels but couldn't find one. This is probably why you can move the criteria up and down (this has sort order) but can not move the rubric levels left or right (this has no sort order).

      Our teachers like to use this specific kind of rubric for educational reasons. The teachers want to grade students holistically, but still want to show to our students which area's should be improved. So the first criteria all are for students to understand where they can improve (but no score is given). The last criterium gives the actual score.

      (screenshots will follow)


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