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Add delegate section fields to the course_section table


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    • HQ 2023 Sprint I4.2 Moppies

      This issue is part of the course hierarch project.

      Issue goals

      The main goal is to incorporate the delegate plugin information into course sections. The fields will imitate the same structure Moodle uses for files.

      • Add two new fields to the course_sections table:
        • varchar component (default null)
        • integer itemid (default null)
      • Add an index to find sections by course, component and itemid
      • Incorporate both component and itemid to the sectioninfo cache.
      • Add has_component, get_component_instance and get_itemid to section_info class.
      • Ensure the delegate fields are written in the course backup and can be restored. For now with no effect.

      Future uses of this fields

      This fields will be the foundation of the delegated sections feature. By defining a section is delegated a plugin can take control of all section behaviours. Things like being listed in the course page, creating, destroying and checking permissions will be controlled by a delegate class inside the delegate component.

      This logic will be used later on the mod_subsection plugin. However, it could be used by other plugins to create private sections in courses separated from the format ones.

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