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Update the section visibility badge to use status dropdown like the activities


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    • HQ 2024 Sprint I1.2 Moppies

      This issue is part of the course hierarchy project.

      Issue goals

      • The current section visibility badge uses a standard bootstrap badge, while activities use an interactive dropdown status. To match the prototype, sections should use the same component for section visibility.
      • Replace the visibility items in the section action menu with an "availability" subpanel. The approach should be the same as in the activities (see screenshot below).
      • (most probably) Decouple the section and cm visibility logic. Current they are using a shared class. Now, they both have complex logic; they maybe decoupled.

      Current implementation screenshot:

      The section action menu should incorporate a subpanel similar to the one used in the activities:

      Future issues

      Having the correct component will make the UI consistent.

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