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Missing alt text in the common user header when user does not have picture


    • WP Sprint 2024-I1.2 (Clones), WP Sprint 2024-I1.3 (Clones)

      This issue was detected during accessibility audit on learner-facing pages in Workplace performed in August-September 2023 by AbleDocs.

      Success criteria 1.1.1 Non-text Content https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/#non-text-content

      1. There is no alternative text for the profile image in the main content. Informative images require descriptive alt text.
      (Partially addressed in MDL-79059 when user has a picture and not addressed when user does not have a picture)

      2. (Edit: this will be resolved separately in MDL-70829) "Message" and "Add to contact" after Aloysia Harrington have aria labels applied to them. While not a fail, purely decorative images should have empty alt text; this allows screen readers to ignore the image rather than read it out to the user.

      Comment from me (Marina):
      This was reported in Workplace for several workplace pages but in fact it applies to any core LMS page with the user header, for example, login as admin, go to any other user's profile and click on "Forum posts" - https://sandbox.moodledemo.net/mod/forum/user.php?id=4

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