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Modify the course file drop to use sectionID instead of section number


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      This issue is part of the course hierarchy project.

      Issue goals

      • Modify the createUploadFormData method from¬† corecourseformat/local/courseeditor/file uploader module to send the section id instead of the section number
      • Modify course/dndupload.php to:
        • Make the "section" param optional and add a deprecation log message when used.
        • Indicate the final deprecation of the section param will be MDL-80116
        • Add a new optional param "sectionid"
        • It should throw an exception if no sectionid nor section param is present.
        • Add a comment indicating that when MDL-80116 is implemented, the "section" param must be removed, and the "sectionid" must be changed to required_param.
      • Modify dndupload_ajax_pocessor:
        • Deprecate the $section param
        • Add a new $sectionid param

      Future issues

      The future mod_subsection will use the file_updloader module to handle file dropping on the delegated sections without a unique section number.

      Method deprecation

      This issue will involve deprecating several methods. The details can be found at the Course hierarchy deprecation plan documented here:



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