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'Next page' is displayed if the student exits and resumes the lesson after a wrong answer, and 'Maximum number of attempts per question' is set to 'Unlimited'




      1. Create a lesson.
        • General settings
          • With at least one Question page and another page.
          • Maximum number of attempts per question set to Unlimited
          • Re-takes allowed set to Yes
          • Action after correct answer: Normal - follow lesson path
        • Question settings:
          • Correct answer jump: Next page
          • Wrong answer jump: This page
      2. Using a student account, take the lesson.
      3. When you reach the Question page, make sure you submit the wrong answer. You will be taken back to 'This page'. 
      4. Exit the lesson and return to it.
      5. When prompted with the question 'Do you want to start at the last page you saw?', select Yes.
        • Expected behaviour: The student is taken to 'This page', where the question was answered wrongly.
        • Actual behaviour: The student is taken to the 'Next page'.


      Note: If Maximum number of attempts per question set to 2 or higher, but not 'Unlimited', the user is taken to 'This page', as expected.

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