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Backwards-incompatible Grade API changes commited to stable branches in MDL-68652


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    • Team Alpha - Sprint 3 I4-2023

      Class graded_users_iterator is a key part of the grading infrastructure, used by many plugins.

      In MDL-68652 it was chagned to alter the data returned in the user objects it returns.

      This breaks some plugins, or at least one of mine. Not cool for a change that was committed to stable branches.

      Also, there is now no way to influence which fields are included - although it seems that to keep core code working, it was necessary to hard-code a few additional fields. That is all very well for core, but what about plugins?

      (Also, that is not the correct way to add extra fields to core_user\fields.)

      So, I am currently stuck that the only way to repair my plugin is core code changes, and that is not cool.

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