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Course activity links and icons accessibility regression bug in 4.3


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      Hi folks,

      there seems to be a regression/bug introduced in the 4.3 update.

      In pervious versions of Moodle an activity in a course (and possibly elsewhere) used the bootstrap stretched-link class to make the icon part of the clickable link area to a mod (activity/resource).


      Example: https://sandbox402.moodledemo.net/course/view.php?id=2

      This is broken in 4.3.

      Steps to reproduce:

      In 4.3:

      Use tabbing to navigate to an activity/resource/mod in a moodle course.

      Note there are 2 links - one from the icon, and the other from the mod name.

      Using a screen reader navigate to a mod in a moodle course. Note the screen reader announces "link" with no title, unless focuses when any alt text of the icon is announced - e.g. "Forum icon".

      Bug / regression description:

      In 4.3 the icon is output as a separate link.

      The mod name is also output as another separate link.

      Example: https://sandbox.moodledemo.net/course/view.php?id=2

      Both of these links are announced by screen readers, and can be focusable by tabbing, which is not good for most users, and appalling for accessibility. 

      The icon a href has no description announced by screen readers or viewable in the rotor, but the icon itself has an alt tag which describes the icon, rather than the link.

      This is announced by screenreaders - e.g. "Link, Forum icon".

      Sugested fix:

      Don't output 2 links to the same thing. Every time you do a puppy dies, and no one wants that.

      Use the bootstrap stretched-link class to make an area clickable.



      Let me know if you need any more info,

      Best wishes


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