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      During the New Activity cards research project, some challenges were uncovered regarding the meaning of the color coding behind the different activity icons. Users often wonder why there are icons that share the same color, and while they all understand these colors serve as a way to group activities by their similarities, they'd like to have more and clearer information about the different activity groups/categories.

      Some colors were identified as problematic due to strong commonly associated meaning, generating confusion specially among students, who wrongly associate red with the most difficult activities and green with the easiest ones.

      To comprehend how our Community users understand the different activity groups, we conducted several research activities to gather feedback from Moodle users and internal stakeholders:

      The UX categories proposal was shaped based on all the feedback collected along the research process. Additionally, a new color palette and enhancements to the existing activity chooser were deemed necessary to seamlessly integrate the new categories in an accessible way. These improvements ensure that the distinctions between categories are not only reliant on the activity icon color but are effectively communicated through a more comprehensive design approach.

      The project is divided into two phases:

      • Quick fix solution (4.4): Redesign of the activity icons, new color palette and improved documentation about the new categories (Figma mockup link)
      • Long-term solution (TBD): Redesign and improvements of the activity chooser
        (🚧 Figma prototype link · Work in progress 🚧)


      New activity categories

      New accessible color palette


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