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      Hello our site is suddenly showing a lot of fails  from \assignfeedback_editpdf\task\convert_submission.

      I have been searching to find out why, and it seems that in all the submissions there is no file in the course. Also in some cases there are no log information in the course stating that a user has made an assignment. so im a bit lost in how theese odd events are happening.

      In our Ad hoc logs we are seeing \core\task\task_lock_cleanup_task failing

      In runing ad hoc logs we are seeing 4 running \assignfeedback_editpdf\task\convert_submission for + 10 hours

      and visual of another odd behaviour in Ad hoc task where assignfeedback_editpdf is greyed:

      We had 1 failing task for 3 weeks agoe, similar to old problems regarding the assignfeedback, wich was fixed before. I used the old fix and deleted the empty string in database (did a backup of the string) I dont think this has anything at all to do with this but im unsure.

      Im guessing the 1 problem is causing the other? Are we the only one seeing theese fails again?



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