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SCORM Activity Issue with Max Attempts and Skip View Settings Leading to Incorrect Attempt Reuse



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    • 4.1.10
    • SCORM


      Summary: When using a SCORM activity with specific settings for maximum attempts and skip view, deleting earlier attempts causes Moodle to incorrectly reuse a later attempt instead of generating a new one. This affects user experience by directing them to a review or continuation mode of an existing attempt, contrary to expected behavior.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a SCORM activity in a course with the following settings:
        • maxattempt set to 5 (allowing a total of five attempts for the SCORM activity).
        • skipview set to 2 (Always), ensuring that users are directly taken to their SCORM activity without the intermediate view.
      2. As a user, complete all five attempts for the SCORM activity.
      3. As an admin or teacher, delete one or more of the user's attempts among the first four (1, 2, 3, or 4). Ensure that the fifth attempt remains.
      4. Have the user access the SCORM activity again.

      Expected Result: Upon accessing the SCORM activity after deletion of earlier attempts, the user should be starting a new attempt (in this scenario, attempt number 1 due to deletions).

      Actual Result: Moodle behaves as if the user is on their fifth attempt and redirects them to reuse the existing fifth attempt. Depending on the completion status of the fifth attempt, the user is either taken to a review mode (if the attempt was completed - failed or passed) or allowed to continue the attempt if it was not completed.




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