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Teacher text feedback displayed with line break HTML for students


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. On https://qa.moodledemo.net
      2. Make a standard forum
      3. Turn on Whole Forum Grading
      4. Set the grade type to "Point" (100 points)
      5. Set Advanced grading to "Marking Guide"
      6. Create a simple Marking Guide totaling 100 points
      7. Log in as a student
      8. Open the forum in step 2
      9. Post a new topic
      10. Log in as teacher
      11. Grade the student by completing the Marking Guide
      12. Enter text, such as
        1. "Thank you Sam, here are some thoughts:
        2. Hit enter, type more.
        3. Hit enter, type more
      13. Save the feedback
      14. Log in as the student
      15. Click "View grades" in the forum
      16. See the </br> appearing in the Comments field, at every line break
      17. The teacher also sees these line break codes when viewing the typed feedback comments

      Assumption: Line breaks should not be displayed. 



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