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Page header after login should be h1 instead of h2



      When a user logs in and ends up on the Dashboard page, a friendly "Hi, <firstname>!" greeting (an H2 heading) appears instead of the "Dashboard" (an H1 heading) for the page title. This is an accessibility issue because:

      1. There is no H1 heading on the page.
      2. The user may be confused because the heading does not tell the user what page they are on.

      What I expected:

      1.  I expected the "Hi, <firstname>!" message to appear in addition to the Dashboard heading.
      2. I didn't expect the "Hi, <firstname>!" message to be a heading at all since it does not describe the content that follows, which is an incorrect usage of a heading.

      To reproduce the issue:

      1. Ensure that the dashboard is the Start Page For The User setting in Site Administration > Appearance > Navigation is set to Dashboard.
      2. Log out of the site.
      3. Log into the site.
      4. You should end up on the Dashboard page where "Hi, <firstname>!" will be displayed as the title of the page.

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