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Tiny Insert > Page break does nothing


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      In the Tiny editor, under the Insert menu is a Page Break option. This inserts the HTML comment <!-- pagebreak -->. In the editor the pagebreak can be seen as a dashed line.

      However, when saved and displayed, this comment does nothing (as expected). The tiny page break plugin documentation suggests this is the default value and should be configured to something more appropriate.

      Is this something that should be implemented or just removed as an option?

      To reproduce:

      • Add a new resource with a text area such as a Page.
      • In the Tiny text area, add some text.
      • From the Tiny Insert menu, choose Page break.
      • Notice the block element indicator appearing.
      • Add some more text after the page break.
      • View the source code and confirm the <!-- pagebreak --> html comment.
      • Save the resource and view the saved content.
      • Notice the page break has no visual effect.
      • Print preview the resource and also notice the page break as no visual effect.

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