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Refactor "Screen reader" classes/functions renamed in Bootstrap 5


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      In BS5 the"Screen reader" classes and functions have been renamed.

      Generate the needed SCSS code in bs5bridge.scss (so we can start using BS5 syntax) and refactor all the occurrences in the codebase.


      "Screen reader" classes are now "visually hidden" classes.

      • Changed the Sass file from scss/helpers/_screenreaders.scss to scss/helpers/_visually-hidden.scss
      • Renamed .sr-only and .sr-only-focusable to .visually-hidden and .visually-hidden-focusable
      • Renamed sr-only() and sr-only-focusable() mixins to visually-hidden() and visually-hidden-focusable().

      This issue should also be included in the BS4 compatibility layer in MDL-80519

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