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add a new flag to course settings to control whether course is active independently from its visibility


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      There are recurring requests from users to have more control over accessibility and visibility, which I think can be addressed by having two separate flags, one controlling whether courses are visible and another whether they are active (accessible). The instructors can then clearly see both states as icons in edit mode. In normal mode, it would probably make sense to include a lock icon instead of enrollment icons to indicate the inactive state, whereas visibility could be handled as it is now.

      Usage scenerios:

      Visible and active – the obvious usage – we have it now.

      Invisible and inactive – the obvious usage – we have it now.

      Visible but inactive – give us accountability and predictability when needed. For example, we have courses that are offered every other semester alternatively. We could have them always visible just toggle whether they are active.

      Invisible but active – gives us more flexibility for less typical usage scenerios. For example, one could have an invisible but active metacourse so some activity or resource is linked directly from its child courses without having that course pollute the course categories. It also be possible to create private courses for instructors which are not visible to other users.

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