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Give more flexibility when editing repeat elements in a form



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      To implement the original request (below), the best solution would be to make the forms library repeat elements code more flexible, so that (if the form definition requested it) the user could do any or all of:

      • Re-order the repeated things
      • Add new blank elements anywhere in sequence, not just at the end.
      • Delete one of the repeated elements from the middle

      Original request:

      The questions editing window for a new question always presents 10 empty answers. This is usually much more than needed. However, when more than 10 anwers are needed, the only way to get an eleventh empty field is to save the first 10 answers and re-edit the question, etc. This is not user-friendly.
      For most question types the ORDER of the answers is not important. However, for some, especially the SHORTANSWER and above all the REGEXP question types, the ORDER is of paramount importance. Moreover, it is often necessary, when modifying questions of the latter type, to insert a new "answer" (i.e. a regular expression) between two existing "answers". This is not possible, and can only be achieved through tedious copying and pasting of answer & feedback text from one field to another.
      I am suggesting the implementation of a tool - similar up to a point to the questions re-ordering tool in the questions bank, which would do the following.
      1- When a new question is created, it is created with 3 empty fields only (this is enough for most question types).
      2- At any time when creating or modifying a question, it is possible to move each answer (and attached feedback text and attached grade) up or down.
      3- It is possible to insert an empty answer field (& attached feedback & grade fields, of course) anywhere between 2 existing answer fields or before the first or after the last existing answer fields.
      I do not have the necessary programing skills to embark upon this improvement, but I offer to collaborate to any endeavour towards it and provide extensive and reliable testing.
      Joseph Rézeau




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