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HTML QuickForm displays (some?) disabled elements in a non-accessible way


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    • 1.8.3, 1.9
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      When a "frozen" (i.e. disabled) input element is displayed with QuickForm, it is not displayed as usual but with an extra disabled="disabled" attibute, as seems logical. This has two drawbacks that I can think of:

      1. Loses uniform appearance with the rest of the GUI, and may even confuse some users.

      2. Is probably less accessible to screen readers, who probably handle the disabled checkbox correctly but simply see text in the current case.

      I propose changing this behavior for the check box and any other element where it is seen. We could do this by further subclassing from HTML QuickForm (for easy maintenance) or hacking QuickForm itself a bit (if upgrading it is going to be very rare).

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