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Add a third larger size for user profile photos for accessibility


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      One of our instructors who has a slight vision impairment has complained that the user profile photos are not large enough. 32 x 32 and 100 x 100 make sense as icon sizes (small and medium), but a third, larger size needs to be generated as well. Maybe 400 x 400. Something large enough that a person's face is easily recognizable in a typical photo.

      The instructor has mentioned filing an ADA complaint if this isn't addressed... so we're working on customizing our local moodle installation to get this done asap.

      Making the situation more difficult is the fact that Moodle throws out the source image when generating the 100 x 100 and 32 x 32 versions. So if we implement a larger size, we'll have to ask all of our site users (1000+) to upload their photos again.

      I know it would eat disk space, but it would be great it Moodle could store the original image in the user's data directory, so the smaller versions can be regenerated automatically when templates or needed image sizes change.


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