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New mediaplugin filter does not work for multiple swf links in same resource page.


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    • Moodle 1.8, PHP 5.1.4, PostgreSQL 8.1.4 on RedHat Linux.
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      When more than one Flash image is linked from the same HTML resource, and the swf filter is turned on, only one of
      the links displays with the Flash animation has the Flash displayed as an embedded animation next to it, the others just have blank spaces next to them. In the case of the link that has the Flash animation actually displayed it is sometimes the wrong Flash.

      I think the problem may be that the script bit in the HTML is linked to the actual URL bit in the code, using a field called "ID" and this always seems to be filterswf1.

      Instructions for reproducing problem:

      1. Obtain two different .swf Flash animation files (sorry I'm not able to supply these).
      2. Create a course in Moodle.
      3. On the home page, in the "Add a resource" drop down, select "Compose a web page".
      4. In the web page, create two lines of text to act as links.
      5. Select each text line in turn, highlight, click on the paper clip button to create a link, and link each one to a different swf file.

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