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Provide edit field option instead of 1 - 100 dropdown menu for entering grades


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      This is a request for an edit field option in graded activities (Assignment, other?) instead of the dropdown 0 - 100 menu. I work with some faculty who find repeatedly pulling down this long menu very time consuming, aggravating, and (sometimes) prone to errors if you don't happen to grab the right number. (I often grab the wrong expire year for my credit card when purchasing something online.)

      Personally, I agree and find that I can type in scores much faster than pulling-down menus. I feel that directly typing the score is at least as accurate and sometimes more accurate than dropdown menus.

      Don't know if you've gotten any other feedback or requests, but I believe it's definitely worthy of checking out. I put "Major" priority as I didn't think "Minor" conveyed the aggravation factor, but certainly this is a usability issue not a funtcionality issue.

      Best regards,
      Lane Grann-Stahl
      Instructional Developer
      Central Piedmont community College
      Charlotte, NC

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