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1.8 Installation hangs on "setting up module tables" with no continue button


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      Everything I've discribed on the forum in this thread, w/o answer so far. Please help me, I completely stucked and don't know what to do next with this installation. VIDE:

      (I'm also pasting the text from this thread
      I stucked during installation of Moodle 1.8 version (, just downloaded and uploaded on my webhost.

      It's hanging on "setting up module tables", to be detailed, on "lams" table. It says that there are no warnings, "scroll to the continue button" but w/o continue button. After refreshing that page or just reentering moodle, it goes to /moodle/admin/index.php and it's just blank. In MySQL I see it is creating 102 tables with 771 records, 229,1 Kb EVERY TIME.

      It's webhost (Linux one) so I don't have any access to php.ini and other files.

      I've tried so far:

      "My solutions" - i.e. - what I think can help:

      • - "Notes: For Moodle 1.6 or later, If you use latin languages only you can use MySQL 4.1.12." (ONLY THIS 4.1.12 version?)
      • "The setting memory_limit to be at least 16M (32M is recommended for Moodle 1.7 or later)." - phpinfo says it's 16M...
      • /session.save_handler set to files, safe mode off... IT'S OK!/

      So... How many tables there are in full database of installed moodle? (James McCormack wrote on that he had 118 before the hang, quite better result than mine ;P)

      My admin suggested to do "hand installation" simply by phpmyadmin. How to do it? Is it possible? I haven't found any .sql file in moodle directories to upload...

      I'm impatiently waiting for answer

      regards and Happy Easter!

      PS. I haven't tried 1.7 or other Moodle version. As I see 1.8 is a very new one so maybe it's because of it?

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