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group or role icon next to user name


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      I would like some users to have an icon next to their name. I am not sure if the Moodle community would be best served by a specific Role icon or Group icon feature. I am guessing group. Or perhaps this is a feature I am ignorant about?

      In 1.6, I was able to add a 16x16px icon after a teacher's name with a little tweak of the online block code. With the new roles and groups functions, a visual clue next to a user might be helpful. For example, students would be able to tell on the Moodle home page on line user's block, which students belonged to their department . Or that a teacher from the Anthropology Department was on line, or in a metacourse who is the lawyer, social worker or law enforcement type individuals, or which business division of the company.

      For starters, I would like to identify teachers, or technical people who can answer a question and are on line. Even if there was only a matrix of 5 groups that had icons, that would be extremely useful for me. KISS, a simple table where if the user is a member of one of the groups, the first one found is the one displayed.

      Later, I can see a user with a potential string of icons after their name, I can see an icon link with a display icon as group attributes. I guess the same thing could be true of roles. I like the picture, name, role, group order. If we were to get so complicated.

      Attached is an example of what I did in 1.6. I used the info icon next to the teacher's name. In this case Administrator.

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