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'Override templates' to apply common sets of permissions in modules


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      Our admins have been complaining about the capability override screen. It works, but they find it tedious to go through it. One issue is that there are standard setups for modules (which might involve one override for tutors, one for course staff, and a couple for students, say) but they have to go through applying this manually to each one.

      One possible solution would be 'override templates'. On the override screen, having set up overrides, you could save the set of overrides and give it a name. This saved set would be stored in the database or a file, in categories per context type ('module') and subtype ('forum'). Then also from the override screen - or even possibly from the main module settings screen - it would be possible to select saved override sets from a dropdown, deleting all existing overrides and applying the stored ones.

      To give a concrete example you could have a 'read-only wiki' override which sets, for Student, 'post' and 'reply' to prevent. Or a 'wiki without comments' override that sets 'comment' to prevent for Student, Tutor, and Course Staff. Etc. As you can see by the role names, these would be configured by each site although Moodle could also ship with a default set.

      (At present we do not have time allocated to implement this at the OU. If somebody wants us to, please let me know as I think we might be able to schedule it.)

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