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Jump to..., and Previous and Next activity buttons do not open resources is expected bottom frame, but in a new frame at the top


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    • 1.8.3, 1.9
    • 1.8
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    • Server: MacPro, MacOS 10.4.9, Moodle 1.8+, Apache 1.3.33, php 5.2.1, MySQL 5.0.24a
      Client: MacOS 10.4.9, Browsers: Firefox, Mozilla 1.7.5, Safari 2.0.4

      When adding a 'Link to file or web site', via the 'Add a resource...' menu, there is a choice to have the web page open in the same or new window. When 'Same window' is chosen, it is also possible to check a box that says 'Keep page navigation visible on the same page'.

      This works as expected with just one web page, however, when a number of resources are added in succession with the same settings (Open in same window & Keep page navigation visible on the same page), the following problem occurs:

      When one of these resources is clicked on it opens as expected with the navigation visible at the top and the web page visible at the bottom. However, when a user clicks on the 'Previous activity' or 'Next activity' button at the top right of the navigation, the resource opens the correct navigation page but the web page opens in a new frame at he top of the page just below the navigation frame, not in the frame in which the previous web page appeared. Clicking on the Previous or Next buttons, opens ever more frames as can be seen in the attached screen shot. The same problem occurs when the 'Jump to...' menu is used to navigate to another resource.

      This bug did not exist in 1.6.2.

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