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Online Text Assignments appear truncated if they contain apostrophes



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      Online Text Assignments containing apostrophes appear truncated to everyone except the student when he or she presses Edit my Assignment. This is NOT due to students cutting and pasting from Word, and it does not depend on the browser used (IE or Firefox). I was able to reproduce the problem myself. For example, if I log in as a student , type a few sentences in an assignment and then make one sentence containing an apostrophe bold using the HTML editor, everything after the sentence in bold disappears after submitting. If I click Edit my Submission, however, I can see everything I typed. If I log in as a teacher, I can only see the sentence in bold and t the counter only counts the words in bold. Even if inline comment is turned on and I press Grade, I cannot see the other sentences, but only the one in bold. The same happens when inserting paragraph codes. In all cases, if all codes are removed or if the apostrophe is removed, the text reappears in its entirety. This issue has a serious impact on the grading of assignments which require formatting, such as multiparagraph essays.


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