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Key Summary Updated
New Feature MDL-39134 Create an LTI Filter
Bug MDL-43587 User Profile Form: Selected Custom Field data should not be processed through text filter before saving to database table
New Feature MDL-38158 Flowplayer HTML5

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Name Release date
Unreleased 2.4.10
Unreleased 2.5.6
Unreleased 2.6 regressions  
Unreleased 2.6.3
Unreleased Must fix for 2.7
Unreleased 2.7
Unreleased 2.8
Unreleased STABLE backlog  
Unreleased DEV backlog  
Unreleased Future Dev  
Unreleased STABLE Sprint 32 Alpha  
Unreleased FRONTEND  
Unreleased BACKEND  

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