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Road Map

A list of upcoming versions. Click on the row to display issues for that version.

  • 2.6.11

    The final official release of the 2.6.x branch

    • No issues
  • 2.7.8

    Final 2.7.x supported release, but security issues will still be backported to the branch until 8 May 2017

    • No issues
  • 2.8 regressions

    Issues found to be regressions introduced by the recently released 2.8 release.

    • No issues
  • 2.8.6

    Bug fixes

    • No issues
  • Must fix for 2.9

    This contains all the issues that absolutely must be fixed for 2.9

    • No issues
  • 2.9


    1 of 1 issues have been resolved

  • 3.0

    • No issues
  • STABLE backlog

    Bugs confirmed by triage to fix for current stable versions


    0 of 9 issues have been resolved

  • DEV backlog

    Issues confirmed by triage to be resolved for the next major release


    0 of 1 issues have been resolved

  • Future Dev

    For new features that are not tied to a specific version

    • No issues