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CLONE - Students can navigate around a quiz attempt


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      Test Pre-requisites:
      This test requires a quiz containing at least questions spread over several pages, and with all review options for immediately after the attempt ticked, How questions behave set to Deferred feedback, and Navigation method to Free.

      1. Login as a student and start an attempt at the quiz.
      2. Answer some questions on the first page, then click Next. Ensure that the navigation button update to show which were answered.
      3. Click back to one of the answered questions on the first page. Make sure the response you entered is there.
      4. Go to any unanswered question. Type in an answer, then click End test .... Ensure you are taking to the summary page, and that the question you just answered has had its answer saved.
      5. Click the Return to attempt button, and verify that you are taken back to the page you were on.
      6. End test... again, and Submit all and finish.
      7. You should see a review of your quiz. Make sure you can navigate around.
      8. Click Finish review. You should get back to the quiz info page, which will show your previous attempt.
      9. Check that a grade for the quiz is displayed in the course gradebook.

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