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CLONE - File picker can be used to add a Pop-up to file or web page in a lesson.


      Test Pre-requisites:

      • Any course in Moodle.
      • A teacher and a student.

      Test Steps:
      1. Login as a teacher and add a lesson activity.
      2. On the lesson edit settings form look for "Linked media" under Appearance and click 'Add...'. Verify that the File Picker is launched.
      3. Select 'Upload a file', choose a file to upload and upload it.
      5. Click 'Save changes'.
      6. Add a question page.
      7. Preview the lesson. Check that there is a link to your file under "Linked media". It typically appears above the navigation block and can be a little hard to find.
      8. Click on the file link and check that the link works.
      9. Login as a Student and verify that the file is correct.

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