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CLONE - LTI tools can be added to LTI manage tools page





      1. Download and install ngrok and run it with ngrok http 80 or have a public accessible site.


      1. As admin: (Test in all browsers, except the last two steps)
        1. Go to "Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI > Manage tools"
        2. Add a tool using only the launch url (old interface) by clicking on 'configure a tool manually.'
        3. Add a tool using an xml cartridge (e.g. from eduappcenter.com - you need to visit this site to get the URL you need, eg. https://www.edu-apps.org/lti_public_resources/config.xml?id=youtube)
        4. Add a tool using the configuration url (LTI2)
          1. https://online.dr-chuck.com/sakai-api-test/tp.php or http://lti.tools/test/tp.php
        5. Remove a tool using the x button on the card
        6. Enter a url that does not exist, make sure you recieve a message that it is having trouble loading after 20 seconds
        7. Enter a url to an xml file that is not a cartridge, make sure you get an error ( http://www.w3schools.com/xml/note.xml )
        8. Edit a tool that was made via a cartridge url using the cog button on the card
        9. Edit a tool that was made via the configuration url using the cog button on the card
      2. As a teacher (Test the first 3 steps in all browsers).
        1. Add an external tool to a course
        2. Set the launch URL/cartridge URL to a cartridge (e.g. from eduappcenter.com)
        3. Ensure you get the green tick and it says a cartridge will be used
        4. Click save changes
        5. Make sure the external tool is now set up using the settings from the cartridge
        6. Add another external tool to a course
        7. Set the Launch URL to the url used by one of the tools you added as an admin
        8. Ensure you get a green tick
        9. Save changes
        10. Ensure the settings you configured as an admin are used
        11. Add another external tool to a course
        12. Set a url to any site you didn't add as an admin. Ensure you get a yellow warning saying that no configuration was found.
        13. Save changes
        14. Add another external tool to a course
        15. On the settings page, click the plus to add a tool type.
        16. In the popup, put a cartridge url into the "tool base url/cartridge url" text box
        17. Press save changes on that popup
        18. Press save and display
        19. Make sure the tool works, and correct tool is displayed




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