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A user can add images and media using ATTO


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      This test requires an image, mp3 and mp4 file and for the ATTO editor to be site default in Site administration>Plugins>Text editors>Manage editors.

      1) Log in to Moodle as a user and navigate to an available forum.
      2) Click to add a new discussion and verify you see the ATTO editor
      3) Click the Insert image icon.
      4) Browse the repositories and upload an image from your computer.
      5) Change the size to 400x400 and try to save it.
      6) Verify you are warned you must either add a description or check the 'description not necessary' box.
      7) Check the 'description not necessary' box and click Insert image.
      8) Click Post to forum and verify the image displays.
      9) Click to reply to your post.
      10) Click the Insert Media icon.
      11) Click the "Audio" tab
      11) Browse the repositories and insert an mp3 file from your computer.
      12) Click Insert media.
      13) Click Post to forum and verify the media file displays.
      14) Create a new page
      15) Click the Insert Media icon
      16) Click the "Video" tab
      17) Browse the repositories and insert an MP4 file from your computer.
      18) Click "Save and display" and make sure media should not autoplay.

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